Higgins Supernatural Investigations

Logo of the Higgins Supernatural Investigations Whether it's ghastly or ghostly
For Higgins, it's easy to take care of.

Higgins Supernatural Investigations is ran by Higgins McCaine, the up and comer, best of the best paranormal activity hunter.
No ghost is too much for Higgins.

Services Available

Basic Investiagtion Plan
Cost: $150

An investiagtion of the property to attempt to figure out the type/amount/name of ghost(s) involved in the haunting.

Basic Extermination Plan
Cost: $600

AHiggins will run through the house with some "Ghost Replant" to attempt the extermination process of the ghost.

Fight the Ghost
Cost: $1200

Higgins will hunt down, cover his fists in Holy Water and fight/exterminate the ghost. Record(2-1)