Dirk's Dragon Fruit

A pitaya is the fruit of sevral different cactus species indigenous to the Americas.

Dirk has a wide selection of Dragon Fruit;

Dragon fruit open

Pitaya usually refers to fruit of the genus Stenocereus, while pitahaya or dragon fruit refers tp fruit of the genus Selenicereus(formely Hylocereus), both in the family Cactaceae. Dragon fruit is cultivated in Peru, Mexico, South Asia, Southeast Aisa, East Aisa, the United States, the Caribbran, Australia, Mesoamerica and throughout tropical and subtropical regions of the world.

Selenicereus undatus

dragon fruit bud

Selenicerus undatus(Pitaya blanca or white-fleshed pitaya, also known as Hylocerrus undatus) has pink-skinned fruit with white flesh. This is the most commonly seen "Dragon Fruit".

Selenicereus costaricensis

Dragon Fruit

Selenicereus costaricensis(Pitaya roja or red-fleshed pitaya, also known as Hylocereus costaricensis, and possibly incorrectly as Hylocereus polyrhizus0 has red-skinned fruit with red flesh.

Selenicereus megalanthus

red dragon fruit

Selenicereus megalanthus(Pitaya amarilla or yellow pitaya, also known as HyloCereus megalanthus) has yellow-skinned fruit with white flesh.