Tony's Torte

Mmmm...delicious torte

Based upon looks, there seems to be no difference between a torte and a cake. However, though they are extremely similar, there are a few differences between these two gourmet desserts that make them separate from one another.

Cakes, by definition, are a sweet food, made from a combination of ingredients, baked and then usually decorated. They are most often eaten for special occasions like birthdays, weddings, and congratulations celebrations. They can be found in all shapes and sizes, and decorated with a variety of toppings like fruit, candy, and frosting. Some of the most popular flavors of cake are chocolate cake, red velvet cake, and carrot cake.

Tortes, by definition, are a type of cake. They use higher quality ingredients, which generally make them more expensive. Their name is derived from the German word “torte”, which means cake. They are a European delicacy and most of the well-known torte recipes derive from this country. Some of the more popular flavors of this cake type are chocolate torte cake, chocolate mousse torte, and chocolate hazelnut torte.